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MP Directory was established in 2004 and continuously evolves to offer you more. Our philosophy for our clients is to give them as much exposure as possible for as little as possible - a quality and economical advertising option that has longevity and stability. Our print edition comes out twice annually to ensure that quality control is always in practice and that information remains current. What makes us different; what makes us unique is our personal service; instead of making impersonal phone calls; we come out to you; no matter where you are in the province and we always try to build lasting relationships with our clients. For our readers and users we aim to offer a well structured; easy to use directory that offers you more than just numbers; it offers you maps; places of interest; places to stay; places to eat and specific business sections like real estate agents and mining groups and supply companies. Although we are proud of our product, we will never feel that it is perfect, we always wish to improve and look at ways to enhance the usability of our product. Advertising is a cluttered and chaotic market if not well controlled; and we feel that by advertising with us; we take the stress out of your marketing investment; you receive a high quality publication that is distributed throughout the entire province; you also receive added value of being placed on our website and know that your advertisement will be viewed by a great many reader for at least 6 months at a time - a low risk and high return marketing investment. MP Directory has recently launched its online division and is growing at a phenomenal rate; with an average of 394 000 Hits monthly it is proving to be a strong and viable advertising option. By making an investment with us you receive incredible value.

MP Directory also has a web building division; allow us to build you your very own website and receive permanent presence in the online world - the fastest growing form of media in the world -at a once off fee and only R500 per month. Give us a call and we will become your solution to gaining sales and recognition through intelligent and relevant marketing. MP Directory; We will put your Business on the Map & Web in Mpumalanga.

MP Directory specialises in creating brands, re-branding identities, and strategizing success. Through innovative design and strategic content we can create successful brands and campaigns in any market.