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When something goes wrong with one of your Cat® machines, field service is the fastest way to get up and running again. R & R Earhmoving provides onsite repairs and maintenance for clients in Middelburg and surrounding area. We do onsite repairs and maintenance and we have all the equipment our technicians need to diagnose, repair or replace most issues on the spot. We provide equipment field service for Cat® and allied machines. This includes not only emergency repairs but also preventive maintenance. BENEFITS OF FIELD SERVICE Field service offers several advantages for busy fleets: Speed: When your productivity is on the line, emergency field service is the fastest way to get up and running. R & R Earhmoving has teams available around the clock and can quickly dispatch a technician to your location. Savings: If it’s possible to repair a machine in the field, you can avoid the expense and hassle of transportation. Less wear and tear: If a machine is immobile, moving it can risk additional damage to critical components. Field service gives our technicians the opportunity to complete temporary repairs that prepare a unit for transport to the shop. Field service ultimately helps keep downtime to a minimum, saving you money and increasing machine availability. It’s also a convenient way to meet your ongoing maintenance and diagnostic needs without interrupting work. For more information or to request service, contact Wally today.
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